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A Thankful a Day

365 days worth of daily gratitude

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This community was created for the journaling, once a day, about one thing you are thankful for. It seems small but it adds up to 365 days worth of thankfuls, which can be quite empowering. If you have more than one to add for the day, by all means do so. Rather than clogging up your friends page with daily thankfuls, this is a community that everyone can contribute to and refer back to when they need that boost of positivity.

Now there are days when things are just not going right and it seems as though there is nothing good to come out of the day. Even something as small as a stranger smiling at you or someone actually using their turn signal are worth being thankful for.

These small things can make a difference.

This is a community for people to feel safe and secure so please keep things in an encouraging manner. No personal attacks because in this community nothing is too small!

Thank you carriep63 for the css code for our beautiful layout!